Dealer area

Welcome to the dealer area. Discover all the advantages on this page, which are exclusively for you to see.

Use your retailer discount code

At checkout you can use the code IAMDEALER20 to get a 20% retail discount on your order. The sets are designed so that you can mount them yourself, so you can charge your customers something for that work.

Attract new customers to your store.

Special models stand out. Use our images to stand out on social media and attract customers with something special. In the enlarged view on our product page you can simply pull down the images and use them.

More winter work with a newsletter

In addition to the image material that you can download from our website, we also provide you with images for promotions on request. You can find our YouTube films on our products sites. Click on "Youtube" and then on "Share". You can copy the link and paste it into your newsletter.


Your special model with your logo

Advertise your shop with an eye-catching demo or rental motorcycle. Upon request, we will create a special version with your logo and QR code linked to your website. For gold dealers we create the design free of charge.


Coming soon: Product Bundles

Of course, sticking stickers on a demo motorcycle is always the best way to present a sticker set. We can equip the product box with different designs of one model. You can view all designs on Youtube using the QR code on the box.

Additional advantages

Dealer Discounts

We give dealers a 20% discount. Assemble the set for your customers and charge them for workshop work.

Merchants with Gold status

If you order more than 15 sets from us over a period of 3 months, we will grant a further 10% discount and design an individual special model with your logo and QR code for the set price.

Merchant Support

We want to support retailers in the best possible way in order to increase their sales. Do you have any ideas or wishes that we can support you with? Then get in touch with us.