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This sticker kit with the sponsors of the legendary Paris-Dakar motorcycle complements the tricolor version of the Africa Twin. The neon elements give your Africa Twin an even sportier look. The knee pad is not part of the set, as are all attachments. The stickers for the Altrider skid plate protection are included.

Our sticker sets have a protective laminate, are washable and weather-resistant. We only use high-quality materials that are specially optimized for this purpose. The stickers are easy to install thanks to air channel technology. The full adhesive strength only develops after 24 hours. So you can reposition the stickers well until they are optimally fitted.

The stickers can be easily removed from the sheet with the carrier film and are numbered to correspond to an overview. A squeegee is included for mounting. If you scan the QR code on the sticker set, you get to video assembly instructions.


2D premium stickers

• Weatherproof, extra UV-resistant
• Self-adhesive
• Water repellent
• Extremely resilient
• Long outdoor durability
• Extremely resilient
• High color intensity
• Adhesion and durability only on a smooth, grease-, dust- and silicone-free surface
• Recommended temperature when applying: between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius
• Initially repositionable - full adhesive strength after approx. 24 hours
• Removable without residue

Shipping and Refunds

We ship worldwide with DHL

If products are not in stock, they will be reprinted within 2-3 working days. In general, the following delivery times apply:

European Union: 7 business days
Switzerland: 9 working days
Germany: 3 working days
Outside Europe: 14 working days


a) Dry application (suitable for all sticker sets)

1. Scan the QR code on your sticker set for video assembly instructions

2. Wash your motorcycle

3. Clean the splice with white spirit or a similar agent

4. Remove the stickers from the sheet and stick them in the right place with tape

5. Remove the backing film from the sticker and use the squeegee to apply the adhesive bubble-free

b) Wet bonding (for very large areas, subsequent moving possible)

1. Remove the backing film and spray the adhesive side of the sticker with slightly soapy water

2. Also spray the surface to be glued with the soapy water. Once the sticker is in place, squeeze the soapy water out from the center to the edge of the sticker

Remove last bubbles

1. Bubbles can be squeezed out to the edge with the squeegee

2. The sticker can be softened with a hair dryer, pressed into fine cracks or bubbles removed

3. If small bubbles are still visible, you can pierce them with a needle and press them down with your fingers

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